HITACHI U-3900 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

    • Possible to perform measurements in a wide absorbance range with low stray light and low noise.
      The larger the amount of transmitted light, the lower the noise of the obtained absorption spectrum so that a wider absorbance range can be measured. Measurements of high concentration samples can be performed over a wider concentration range.
    • Stable spectrometer with double beam optical system
      The light source uses a WI lamp (visible range) and a D2 lamp (ultraviolet range) that switches wavelength depending on the measurement. The double beam system divides the monochromatic light so that the diffraction grates into the control and the sample with a rotational mirror, guiding the light to the sample chamber.
      Single Monochrome Type U-3900 uses a spherical surface mirror in front of the entrance slit, while the Double Monochrome Type U-3900H uses diffraction grating.
    • UV Solutions for U-3900 (PC connected) allows for easy device control and supports various quantitative-analysis functions.
      Special operation software that offers substantial functions such as measurement data comparison and a preview function that allows for a more powerful analysis.

      Item U-3900 U-3900H
      Monochromator Diffraction grating
      Single monochromator
      Seya-Namioka mount
      Diffraction grating-diffraction
      grating Double monochromator
      Seya-Namioka mount
      Wavelength range 190 to 900 nm
      Spectral bandpass 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 5 nm (6 steps)
      Wavelength accuracy ±0.1 nm (at 656.1 nm after wavelength calibration)

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